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In this project, the client wanted to create a mobile application that would help with finding useful places in the towns of Sri Lanka. When it comes to planning a trip or choosing local hotels, banks, rail stations, and the like, the options can be overwhelming and it’s helpful to have a guide.

Project goals:

Our goals with this project were straightforward:
  • Create a dynamic, informational guidance app
  • Create a web-accessible and user-friendly backend for making changes on the fly


Our company designed for the client a practical and visually appealing app. The design is simple and focused on providing clear information to the user. Users can narrow places by category, such as hotels or cinemas, or by city. Each place includes a name, location, and contact information from which the user can quickly take action. In addition, the app is integrated with Google Maps so users can instantly see where each place is located.

The nature of this app requires that information be kept up to date, and as such, the client wished to have an easily manageable backend. RomiSys built a secure web interface to accomplish this. The admin can quickly add new places, remove old ones, and edit existing information in the database.