Inventory Droid FAQs:      


  • Where can I get detailed manual or user guide?
You can download a detailed User Guide from here.
  • I Keep getting Force Close on Import/Export and Assets?

                    There is an issues with device rotation screen drawing when you are doing long operations like Import/Export and 


                    Asset calculation. The current solution, while we fix this is to keep the device up straight through to whole 


                    operation. That is, do not rotate or lay the device/phone down when an import/export or asset calculation is in the 




  • How do I import to CSV file?
Inventory Droid requires strict CSV formating when data is being added using a CSV. To rule of thumb and best way to make sure things work well is to:
  1. Export the account you want to import to into CSV. Do this by going into account Press Menu->Settings->Import\Export tab->Export Data to CSV
  2. Move the exported CSV to your PC and delete all entries except the header line and one item entries. This item entry will be used as an example to import all new entries. 
  3. Using the previous entry as examples or placeholders, add your entries to match in format and field alignment.
  4. Make use to follow those rules:
    • You MUST keep the field headers
    • You MUST align fields and include empty commas.
    • Date format MUST be YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2010-01-09). Excel might change this format to 2010/1/9, so make sure you change it to YYYY-MM-DD.
    • If as field has quotes ' " ',  Example: 34"   make sure you rename it to 34in instead, since quotes are translated to boundary limit items.
    • Keep in mind that the item is considered identical to another if:
         a) Same UPC
         b) Same Name
         c) Same Model
         d) Same Serial#
      So keep those unique between items..
    • Beware of Excel, it sometimes adds characters and messes up CSV formating. Make sure you using Notepad or NotePad++ or another simple Text Editor and create CSV file. 

If you are having issues, email me at the following:
 1) The account in "ida" format file . Press Menu->Settings->Import\Export tab->Export to Backup
 2) The CSV file you are having trouble importing.
  • How do I enter a UPC manually? (in case bar code is not readable)
Create a new item and scroll down to UPC edit box. Enter the UPC number and press Update.
You can also use the update feature anytime to get new item info from Google Base.
  • How to check the Retail Price of my items?
Press and hold on an item name and click on Retail Price go to Google Products to view retail prices.
  • How do I do an online search for product or price information?
To do a product or price search online, you must first enter the product's UPC.  Select "Scan Item" from the menu to scan the UPC barcode for new items, or you can type in the UPC on existing items in your inventory and hit "Update."  If the UPC is found, you can select to enter the retrieved information, or "Google It" for additional information, such as the product picture.  Once an item in your inventory has a UPC, you can long press on the item name in the inventory list and select "Retail Price" to retrieve pricing information online.
  • How do I add custom fields in Item widow ?
Under the Settings for an Account, you will find a "Fields Settings" option. This option will let you hid current default fields or create new ones.
  • What are the "Units" for in custom fields creation options ?
This is a dynamic indication of what the item you added measured in. Example: If you create an item called "Weight", you can have "Units" set to "Ounces" or  "Kilograms" or "Tons".
  • How do I list Excel-like grid of inventory of all accounts ?
In the main top level "Accounts" window, press "Menu" button, then press the "Total Assets" option.
  • How do I list Excel-like grid of inventory of a certain account?
In the main top level "Accounts" window, press and hold on an account name, then press the "Account Assets" option.
  • How do I list Excel-like grid of inventory of a certain Category?
In the "Category" list of an account, press and hold on a category name, then press the "Category Assets" option.
  • How do I export the Excel-like grid to CSV?
In the Excel-like grid page, press "Menu" button, then press "Export to CSV"
  • Bar Code Scanning does not find information on my items?
Unlike other Bar Code apps that open a browser go to the web to retrieve pricing only, Inventory Droid goes to a UPC database to retrieve information, thus relying on those databases to be up-to-date and have this item information. We currently rely on web databases and will be adding more databases for checking in the next release.
  • How do I delete Item entries?
Press and hold on Item in list and the Delete option will show.
  • How do I delete a photo or receipt in the item description?
Press and hold on a photo of item or receipt and choose the delete option.
  • How do I delete a Category entry?  
Press and hold on Category name in list and the Delete option will show.
  • Application sometimes hangs after taking a photo, fix?
This is due to limited memory resources on the phone, close some background tasks using a free android task manager and this should work smoothly. But we are also working on a more user-friendly fix/approach.
  • How do I backup my data?  
Most item text based data are in SQlite on the Android's device internal memory. Photos of items are on external microSD storage. To safely backup both text and photos, go to the Account's setting menu and choose "Export to Backup", and save to a File on the microSD, then move it later to a safe location.
  • What does the account "Clone" option do?
This option helps when you have a specific set of Categories (or Category Template) you want to use for all Accounts. In this case, Clone will clone the account's settings and categories without copying over any data.
  • I live in Europe, how do I set the currency to default to Euros on item and scan entries?

    Simply go to Account, press "Menu" button, then "Settings", then choose the default currency there.