RomiSys is a developer of advance software modules and management programs for wide range of industries and individual use. 

Our products include the first and only Inventory Management System tailored for Android phones and devices.
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Our Products                                                                                        
Inventory Droid

Inventory Droid is the first and only inventory management system for Android based devices and phones. Whether for home or small business use, Inventory Droid provides the user with features to itemize their possessions of household items and valuables that might want to keep track of for asset management or insurance purposes.

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Inventory Web Pro

Inventory Web Pro, similar to Inventory Droid, except that all your inventory information is stored in an online database to be shared and sync with other Inventory Web Pro users in your organization through their Android, iPhone, iPad* devices, and/or Web browsers. (*iPad barcode scanning is not supported)
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For current subscribers:

Inventory Checkout

Inventory Checkout is a Checkout/Checkback Inventory application based on and power by Inventory Web Pro system. If you are an Inventory Web Pro subscriber, you can setup you account to become a simple Inventory Checkout/Checkback system using Inventory Checkout application.
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For current subscribers:

 Inventory Desk

Inventory Desk is FREE utility that was created to compliment the Android-based Inventory Droid application. The initial and current releases will be limited in features but eventually this application will provide mechanisms to add/remove/edit items from Accounts created with on Android with Inventory Droid. Those changes can be re-imported back into Inventory Droid for use.
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Inventory Desk Scanner

Inventory Desk Scanner is a utility that was created as an add-on to Inventory Desk application. This application will make your Android device act as a direct scanner into Inventory Desk. So you can scan from your phone and directly see the results and online database searches appear on Inventory Desk on your PC.
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